Welcome to the new look website!

Woman in yellow top and blue trousers by a blue wall and yellow plant pot
Hard to see where the garden stops and I start…

I’m happy to announce that www.helgahenry.com is now officially open for business!  It’s had a fresh look, a change of tone and a big re-organise. 

I started this process almost a year ago.  It was only when I realised that it needed copy from me in a more conversational tone and be written in the first person that I could approach the re-write that seemed to be blocked for months.

Now you are here, take a look around and let me know what you think.  Specifically, I wanted the user experience to be like meeting me in person, but online and without me being there!  Have I succeeded? Let me know or leave a comment below.

One interesting theme that I discovered as I started to collate some pictures for the revamp is how often I inadvertently match the background! The image above was probably the most stark version – it’s taken in the Majorelle Garden in Marakesh.

And hat/tip to Rob Macpherson for the picture below: I was at the launch of Once Upon A Time in Birmingham. I have no connection to the book other than being at the launch, but Rob noticed that I was dressed to match the cover!

I have no connection to the book other than the colour scheme!

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