Royal Albert Hall – strategic leadership retreat, 2019

royal albert hall against blue sky

Helga facilitated our Senior Management Conference over 2 days with 23 (very talkative!) Directors and Heads of Department. She managed to strike the difficult balance between allowing people freedom to be creative and to express their thoughts while sticking to a tight (and full) timetable. We came away with lots of great ideas, some really clear actions and – just as importantly – we had fun!

Louise Halliday, Director of External Affairs, Royal Albert Hall

I led a two day strategic retreat for the Royal Albert Hall leadership team. This included a site visit to their partner, Harrogate Water, and time spent to consider the next business planning cycle, strategic priorities, ‘future-gazing’ and translating ambitions into actions for the now.

This was the first time that the organisation had used an external facilitator to run this annual event. Royal Albert Hall made a significant investment of staff time and resource to take people away from their day to day setting. Using my services meant that the whole team could concentrate on their needs, rather than having to split focus.

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